Learning OSPF with one Juniper SRX100 (basic)

One of the beauties of Jumiper SRX is it has a heritage function from ScreenOS called “virtual router”. Unlike ScreenOS, Junos has the ability link virtual routers up with logical interfaces (lt-0/0/0). With these 2 features, Virtual routers could have their own route tables, could simulate several routers within a single box of SRX, and could run routing protocols between them. (I have tried with Cisco VRF, but it doesn’t work as expected.)
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DDNS at ScreenOS

Dynamic Domain Name Service (DDNS) is not anything new from the last decade. It associates a domain name to an IP address that changes over time. Users could access to the resources behind a dynamic IP address assigned CPE with an easily memorized domain name instead.

In this post, I ll post the procedure of setting up DDNS at ScreenOS using NO-IP DDNS service with SSL enabled in GUI. One of ScreenOS’ beauties is the GUI management.
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