Networking – layer 2 communication.

Compute networking sometimes gives new ITers a feeling of confusion and complication when they start learning networking, this post will simply explain it in laymen terms and provide a basic concept and some basic configuration on Cisco productions for reference.

So what is layer 2 communication? What does it provide or allow us to do? What is networking HUB and what can it do? What is the different between network switches? What are LAN and what are VLANs? (This post will explain the ethernet network only) Continue reading


Cisco packet tracer

I have starting picking up one of the official network similator these days to learn about the ASA. The last time I used it was 7 years ago, and it didn’t have much of the routers n features r allowed to be simulated compare to the decent version. Some of the readers might think why would I start playing with packet tracer with there r many of the option in the market like GNS3. It s simply because it allows me to be lazy for setting up labs without going through the instability issues.

The newest version of packet tracer as of 2016 Oct, it has wifi, ASA, router, n switches can be used for simulation. Although it doesn’t cover all the features from the production environment, it still allows users n anyone who s new to Cisco to get a feeling of it. The best part of the tracer is to check the packet behaviours with a decent 4G ram device, which cannot be done with GNS3 running wire shark (not really cant be done, but it would be slow enough to piss everyone off). Continue reading