IPv6 over IPv4 in SRX

IPv6 is another up coming trend on the internet. Since most of the ISPs do not provide the IPv6 service, how do we enjoy or experience the IPv6 benefit??

There are some IPv6 brokers on the internet that we can use IPv6 service over the existing IPv4 service. Some of the brokers are Hurricane Electric, Hinet, and etc….

There are some sample setup guide are already included in their website already, but their guide makes the SRX to route the IPv6 packets without policy restrictions capability. So I will attach mine as a reference for using IPv6 in flow mode.


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Cisco ASA – simple 1 to 1 NAT and firewall policy setup

For those who had been working with Cisco routers, setting up a Cisco ASA stateful policy is as simple as setting up an ACL.  By default, ASA would drop any TCP connection that doesn’t have a session record created with a sync packet. In that case user doesn’t require to a setup ACL for return traffic like working with routers.

In this example, we have as the server in the DMZ and have the have NAT 1 to 1 incoming traffic mapping applied to allow internet user accessing the http service only.

The IP address of the firewall is, and we will assign the mapping of the server to another external IP address of

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Cisco ASA – routing sample

In this post, I will show you guys how to setup a Cisco ASA firewall serves as a layer 3 packet transfer device. The example will be demonstrate with machine accessing to via IPerf. There is only simple routing and has no NAT involve.

In this setup, the ASA is acting as the gateway between office network and the internet. The is the internal subnet and is the internet. There are couple areas we have to handle, and they are routing, and policy. Since ASA is a stateful device, we have to apply policy to allow internal network to access external network, but not vise versa.
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