Hping3 – Flooding simulation with Linux 

When testing firewalls ability against the DoS and session limit, there is a program in Linux called hping3 to produce flooding with. It can generate a small amount of packet flood while still keeping at lease 50% of CPU free for management.

if we need to test a session limit or threshold limit for SYNC flood toward to a web server port 80, we could use the command below.

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Recover the FTP password via TCPDUMP

I always keep my frequently used files in my FTP server, at the same time, and i have my password saved in my FTP client in my laptop as well. So when i need to login to my FTP server from another machine, i was like “hmm…. what was my password now?”

Since FTP is run via plain text, there is no encryption at all. So i have recovered my password via TCPDUMP and the username and password are “everyone”.

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